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Samantha Yeager owner of Trvfit Flint

Samantha Yeager


Flint is my family, we have a remarkable member base and 7 exceptional trainers. We are literally a fitness center for EVERYONE! I decided to buy Trvfit Flint because of my passion for the Trvfit brand and my love for our training staff and members! I felt it was time to take the leap and grow my role with Trvfit even further, which is when I made the decision to purchase in January of 2023. My goal is to change lives and help as many people as possible to find health and fitness enjoyable.


Mary Fallis


I found the Trvfit family about 5 years ago and I was hooked after my first class! My favorite part of Trvfit is the community. We are all on this journey and the support is like no other place I have ever experienced. I love getting the chance to watch members reach accomplishments that they never thought they could. There is no family like our Trvfit family!


Amber Niedzielski


I love TRVFIT because it is not just a gym to me. It is accountability. It is friendship. It is family. I love what this gym embodies because it makes me care about more than just getting to the gym to get it in. I care to see the people I have become friends with, I care to continue to challenge myself and to inspire others to do so as well. I have been a member for over 3 years. I have been a coach for a little over 1 year. I love being able to help people on their own journeys on a coach level. I also still love to work out alongside the members as a member. Overall an amazing experience as a member and a coach. I’m so happy I found this gym!


Gabrielle Sandford


I’m Gabrielle, also known as G. I am a full time Nursing student by day, Coach by night. I have been with trvfit for just over 4 years. The minute I walked into the gym I felt part of the family and knew I would be back. Trvfit is more than a gym. We are a community. We make working out fun, we help each other find ways to succeed in their fitness journey, share our success and our struggles. I began coaching in July of 2022. Since then I have gotten the chance to step in a little bit more to creating success for those in my community. You will see me in the gym coaching our classic TRV|X classes or one of our Semi Privates. My favorite being Hybrid: Strength + Boxing.


Keri Zerka


Hi! I started as a member with TRVFIT in January of 2021, an am now a coach! About three months in after joining Trvfit Flint, my husband said, “You just seem happier”, and he was right. I just FELT better. Physically, mentally, and emotionally. My body stopped aching. If it does, it’s the good kind of ache. It’s the kind that lets you know you’ve put effort in, not the kind that tells you need to get moving! I handle stress SO MUCH BETTER, because I have a healthy outlet and great people to encourage me when I need it. I’m so much stronger physically, probably the strongest I’ve EVER been, and I’m less irritable (ask my family ).
I decided to become a coach after helping other members in class with movements and talking with them about my personal progress along the way. Making your health and well-being a priority can be so life changing!! I’m thankful that I now get to help members in the same way the coaches helped me when I first started.

This gym is different from any I’ve ever been a part of. It really is a gym “family”. EVERYONE cares about EVERYONE else…..trainers, members, even the kiddos who come in with their parents.


Meagan Ferris


I have been a part of the Trvfit family for years, starting at another location and finding my home in Flint. I never imagined how much being a member at the Flint location would change my life. I was quickly hooked and immediately started taking my fitness journey seriously. After a few years of being a member, I decided it was time to step it up a notch and use my knowledge /passion for fitness and share it with others, so I become a coach. I get such a rewarding feeling from helping members, whether it’s teaching proper form and technique, motivating them to grab a heavier weight or try a more advanced movement. Trvfit Flint is more than just a gym, it’s a family. A family of like minded, caring, motivating people. I can honestly say I’m here to stay and I can’t imagine my life without Trvfit in it.



Tyler Fallis


I didn’t realize how motivating it would be to join Trvfit. My first class I couldn’t finish a couple movements, but that made me realize I needed to put some work in. The more I came, the more I started to accomplish the goals I was looking for. Now I love seeing people day in and day out put in the work to overcome what they thought they never could do or achieve. I enjoy coaching barbell classes, as well as Trvx. I look forward to watching members accomplish goals, as I have done myself at Trvfit.


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